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Mrs. Parker's 2nd Grade Class

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Weekly Spelling List

Spelling Words

Skill Words

1.    is

2.    am

3.    his

4.    if

5.    sat

Sight Words

6.    bought

7.    front

8.    kitchen

9.    what

10.  could

       Enrichment Words

11.          scratch

12.        doughnuts

13.        picnic

14.        balanced

15.        vegetables


    Spelling Homework


      Write a sentence with each

      spelling word for #1-10.


      Write a sentence with each

      spelling word for #11-15.


      Write spelling words 1-15 in

      ABC order.


      Write all of your highlighted 

      spelling words by adding a letter

      to each line until the word is

      spelled completely and then draw

      a triangle around it.  Use the

      example below:


g                      s

gi                     sc

gir                    sch

girl                   scho




The first 5 highlighted words are your child’s spelling words.  The second 5 highlighted words are your child’s challenge words.  Your child will be given credit for the second 5 words only if he/she makes 100% on the first 5 words.  It is important that your child be able to recognize and know the meaning of all the words on the list.  We will be doing activities with the wordlist throughout the week.